A stay close to your desires In the heart of the most quivering and eclectic Milan Book now
A stay close to your desires In the heart of the most quivering and eclectic Milan Book now

The advantages of a hotel near the Central Station of Milan

Our hotel is located near Milan Central station and the Air Terminal, both just 600 metres away. Hotel Sanpi Milano has also the advantage of being right in the middle of the Restaurant District, in the neighbourhood of Porta Venezia: here, every night, you can leave for an exciting culinary journey around the world trying different ethnic cuisines.
As well as bars and restaurants, which are open late for those who love happy hours and having fun, the Hotel Sanpi Milano is right next to Corso Buenos Aires. This street is is one of the main shopping streets in Milan, with a huge variety of shops and full of things to buy that are suitable for any budget.
The hotel is just two metro stops from both the Duomo (the cathedral) and the historical centre of Milan, which you can easily walk to in just a few minutes. Here, every traveller is greeted with its rich culture including museums, exhibitions, literary cafés, and theatres, above all the Teatro La Scala.
The hotel is close to public transport stops and stations, so it’s a great location for those who need to reach the main fairs, administrative centres and the business districts of Milan as well as for those who want to get to the San Siro Stadium or to the Mediolanum Forum in Assago to attend big sports events or concerts.
Those who travel by car will be happy to know that in our area there are numerous parking places available to our guests at discounted prices..

Corso Buenos Aires
Discover Porta Venezia

Where to eat

Where to have fun

Where to park

" data-title="Pandenus: Via Alessandro Tadino 15" data-img="https://hotelsanpimilano.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/pandenus.jpg" data-id="45.477645, 9.206224" data-color="#aecd48">
" data-title="Bicerìn: via Panfilo Castaldi 24" data-img="https://hotelsanpimilano.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/bicerin.jpg" data-id="45.476882, 9.202417" data-color="#aecd48">
" data-title="Mono: Via Lecco 6" data-img="https://hotelsanpimilano.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/mono.jpg" data-id="45.476379, 9.203899" data-color="#aecd48">
" data-title="Frank: via Lecco, 1" data-img="https://hotelsanpimilano.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/frank.jpg" data-id="45.475802, 9.203120" data-color="#aecd48">
" data-title="Nottingham Forest: V. le Piave 1" data-img="" data-id="45.468745, 9.206741" data-color="#aecd48">
" data-title="Repubblica Parking: via Finocchiaro Aprile , 9/A" data-img="https://hotelsanpimilano.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Schermata-2017-10-24-alle-15.53.38.jpg" data-id="45.478366, 9.200329" data-color="#393939">
" data-title="Macchiavelli Parking: via Finocchiaro Aprile 1" data-img="https://hotelsanpimilano.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/machiavelli_02.jpg_1477467451.jpg" data-id="45.477704, 9.201131" data-color="#393939">
" data-title="Crazy cat caffè: via Napo Torriani 5" data-img="https://hotelsanpimilano.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/gatti.jpg" data-id="45.480883, 9.203517" data-color="#aecd48">
" data-title="Antica Focacceria San Francesco: via Panfilo Castaldi, 37" data-img="https://hotelsanpimilano.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/12241076_838116389641476_5030874085584181924_o-2.jpg" data-id="45.475926, 9.205084" data-color="#e5a3a4">
" data-title="Il Carpaccio: via Lazzaro Palazzi, 19" data-img="https://hotelsanpimilano.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/il-carpaccio.jpg" data-id="45.477485, 9.203312" data-color="#e5a3a4">
" data-title="Mamma Rosa: P.zza Cincinnato, 4" data-img="https://hotelsanpimilano.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/mammarosa.jpg" data-id="45.479636, 9.204434" data-color="#e5a3a4">
" data-title="Lon Fon: via Lazzaretto 10" data-img="https://hotelsanpimilano.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/lonfon.jpg" data-id="45.478169, 9.202539" data-color="#e5a3a4">
" data-title="Flowerburger: Viale Vittorio Veneto, 10" data-img="https://hotelsanpimilano.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/flowerburger.jpg" data-id="45.475983, 9.202847" data-color="#e5a3a4">
" data-title="Mantra Raw vegan: via Panfilo Castaldi, 21" data-img="https://hotelsanpimilano.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/mantra_vegan.jpg" data-id="45.477259, 9.202418" data-color="#e5a3a4">
Porta Venezia

How to contact the Hotel Sanpi Milano

  • TEL: +39 02 29513341 FAX: +39 02 29402451
  • Email: info@
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