Eating in Milan for a good price! Book now
Eating in Milan for a good price!

Eating in Milan for a good price!

Once you’re in Milan you will ask yourself:
where can we eat in Milan on a budget
without spending too much?

In this article of our blog
we’ll try to give you some help!

Eating in Milan means opening up to a thousand experiences, meeting the italian cuisine, of course, and flavors from all over the world, thanks to the varied offer that the city makes available to its citizens and visitors.

The welcoming spirit that characterized Milan in the past seems to have been revitalized in recent years, thanks also to the restaurant district of Porta Venezia, located just a few minutes from the Hotel Sanpi.

Food is sociability, hospitality and culture.

The food, especially good food, has become an additional attraction for those traveling to Milan. A good opportunity for a special moment in a pleasant atmosphere in different areas of the city that you can discover.

Vox populi says that eating
well in Milan is expensive.

But that’s not always true!

We have selected for you some of the restaurants in Milan where you can eat really well without spending too much, remaining roughly under 25 euros.

If you have been charmed by Piazza Duomo and a peckish knocks at your door, Ottimo Massimo is the place for you. Seasonal hot dishes, gourmet salads and some tasty sandwiches suit any palate.

Ottimo Massimo | Via Victor Hugo, 3

Traditional Milanese cuisine awaits you in Viale Sabotino, where Osteria dell’Acquabella prepares generous Milanese first courses accompanied by an excellent and selected wine list. Spacious premises managed by a friendly and always polite staff. What more?

Osteria dell’Acquabella | Via S. Rocco, 11

Pizzium is the kingdom of pizza, as you may guess by the name. The Pizza in Milan is good, but what makes the difference are the ingredients. Pizzium stands out with a first-rate choice; burrata, cold cuts, buffalo mozzarella and other condiments are selected and absolutely genuine. Try it just 200 meters from our hotel!

Pizzium | Viale Tunisia, 6

Located at a fifteen-minute walk from our hotel, Giacomo Rosticceria is a temple of Italian cuisine. Within the walls of a historical villa in Old Milan you can eat: Lasagne alla Bolognese, Parmigiana, Arancini and other delicacies in a welcoming environment or in a small internal dehor.

Giacomo Rosticceria | Via Pasquale Sottocorno, 36

If instead you are in the charming Navigli area, the famous Giuseppe Zen’s Macelleria Popolare butcher shop offers a quality menu in the heart of the ancient Municipal Market. Selected and strictly organic meats make delicious burgers, tartare, meatballs and ribs. The price here goes up slightly, but it’s worth it!

Macelleria Popolare | Piazza Ventiquattro Maggio, 4

Now you know where to eat in Milan
on a budget!

If Milan is among your
next destinations






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